Chettinad Briyani Hotel Pondicherry

We care not only for your Taste Buds also for your Holistic Health!!

Right from the beginning, Chettinad Briyani Hotel in Pondicherry always emphasized on taste and ensured that the Biriyani made at Chettinad Briyani Hotel in Pondicherry was both delicious and unique. This was achieved and still is by meticulous selection of ingredients prepared from quality masala products. Chettinad Briyani Hotel in Pondicherry prepared briyani using superior quality Seeraga samba rice, known as Parakkum sittu and meat obtained from top-class breeds of cattle particularly found in the famous cattle-markets of Kannivadi and Paramathi.

High quality and taste are of prime importance, and because of this our brand of Chettinad Briyani Hotel in Pondicherry and other food products have attained widespread popularity all across South India. There are numerous customers speaking about our Chettinad Briyani Hotel in Pondicherry and other food products made by us due to our tasty and delicious flavors. 

As a result of our efforts, the word Chettinad Briyani Hotel in Pondicherry for a common man in Tamil Nadu today refers to High Quality Biriyani. The unswerving nature and mouthwatering taste of Chettinad Briyani Hotel in Pondicherry can be attributed to the fact that all the ingredients were prepared by Chettinad Briyani Hotel in Pondicherry, themselves and took great care in doing so.

Chettinad Restaurants Puducherry

Chettinad cuisine with a seamless blend of taste and tradition!!

Chettinad Restaurants in Puducherry means traditional and true to its name, the recepies have been passed and tried down from generation to generation and it has been used and changed to suit the present generation, keeping mind to maintain the traditional methods fused with the latest technology to give a very tasty traditional food which is more like Chettinad Restaurants in Puducherry. Chettinad Restaurants in Puducherry have carved a niche for ourselves in this competitive food industry by offering simple but yet delicious food keeping mind the quality and quantity and hygiene. Chettinad Restaurants in Puducherry do not use any artificial flavors or mono-sodium glutamate. 

Our masala's are freshly grounded. Chettinad Restaurants in Puducherry  try to preserve and enhance the original flavour of the spices, hence Chettinad Restaurants in Puducherry  are able to give quality food to satisfy the taste of our clients to utmost satisfaction. Food is an essential element of our culture, and our specially crafted menu unites the finesse of the present with the tradition of the past. The menu echoes the richness of Chettinad culture, and Chettinad Restaurants in Puducherry provide a unique meal experience in every culinary delight. 


‘Virunthombal’ is a treasured Tamil principle, which means to treat guests with benevolence and hospitality. At Chettinad Restaurants in Puducherry, this is one of our core values and we believe that our guests are our customers. This inspires us every day as we endeavour to provide the best quality food and customer satisfaction. Chettinad Restaurants in Puducherry presents a gentle and elegant ambience as you indulge in great conversations perfectly accompanied with our delightful food.

Best Biryani Restaurant Puducherry

Yummy Biryani is all ready to fill your Tummy!!!

Its hot and what not! The Best Biryani Restaurant in Puducherry is a contemporary restaurant with the traditional taste of Indian food. Let the taste of our authentically prepared Best Biryani Restaurant in Puducherry melt deliciously in your mouth and tingle in your thoughts for a long time. From the spices that tease the tongue to all the tempting Indian delicacies, the restaurant radiates a cordially comfy ambiance dashed with a special Best Biryani Restaurant in Puducherry, with elegant seating arrangements that exude a classy feel. Ideal for family or business get-together. 

Our Best Biryani Restaurant in Puducherry is famous for its use of a variety of spices in preparing mainly non-vegetarian food. The dishes are hot and aromatic with fresh ground masala, and topped with a boiled egg that is usually considered an essential part of a meal. We also use a variety of sun-dried meats and salted vegetables, reflecting the traditional way of the cooking. You can trust Best Biryani Restaurant in Puducherry for the homely quality food with fine standards of intimate service and pleasant ambiance, ensuring right standards of hygiene cleanliness."


Best Biryani Restaurant in Puducherry is known for its own pure taste, which many of us enjoy and we are masters in delivering it to your Corporate, Marriages, Functions, Parties etc., What ever your need may be and what ever budget you may have just call Best Biryani Restaurant in Puducherry and we can find the solution for you.

Best chettinad food Pondicherry

Know More About Chettinad Foods Origin and Flavor!!

Best chettinad food in Pondicherry is a style of cooking, pioneered by the chettiyars who travel a lot to foreign countries on business. The chettiyars who were renowned for their innovative skills in business did not lag behind when it came to Best chettinad food in Pondicherry. They borrowed from other types of Asian cooking existing in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Burma and Indonesia and came out with their own unique style known as Best chettinad food in Pondicherry, now a jewel in the south Indian crown of gourmet cooking.

In the best chettinad food in Pondicherry, the most important spices are marathi mokku (dried flower pods), anasipoo (star aniseed) and kalpasi (a lichen known as the “black stone flower”, also known as dagad phool). In addition, tamarind, whole red chillies and saunf (fennel seed) are also used along with cinnamon, cloves, bay leaf, peppercorn, cumin seeds and fenugreek.

Our best chettinad food in Pondicherry are prepared by skilled chefs, using the freshest of spice and herb mixtures, just as they would have prepared in the kitchens of yester years. Our aromatic and best chettinad food in Pondicherry from Tamil Nadu is the most popular food among our clients. Chettinad foods is excellent dishes which is prepared without the bother of frying garlic, onions or masalas and adds rich taste to your taste buds.

Hotels Pondicherry

Come Visit Us, to Experience the best ever Foods!!

Hotels in Pondicherry provide best cuisines, menus and ambience that are personally formulated to meet the customer requirements. Hotels in Pondicherry provide amazing multi cuisine food mainly specializing in authentic delicious cuisines. Also, Hotels in Pondicherry awaits all our valued customers to make an experience of mouth watering foods and warm welcome services. To sum up, Hotels in Pondicherry bestows a trinity of good food, good service at a good money proposition.

Hotels in Pondicherry is both Veg and Non-Veg Dine-in Restaurant. Hotels in Pondicherry are specialized in Chettinad Foods and Biryani. Our motto is to provide quality, tasty and cost effective food to our customers. Our menu is selected very carefully based on our market research. Hotels in Pondicherry aim to serve all the age groups from different regions. We provide a spacious and ethnic environment, which gives our customers the best feel in the fast life of Pondicherry. We provide home delivery services with our customer caring delivery team.

Whether you are looking for a delicious foods or mouth watering taste or a gourmet meal to take-away, at Hotels in Pondicherry you will experience the real taste and flavor of a range of Indian curries and tandoori dishes. We provide a truly distinctive and memorable Indian dining experience right here in the Pondicherry. 

Best chettinad hotel Pondicherry

Longing for Rich Taste? Reach us to experience the best food!!

The diversified special menu includes delicacies from across the world in their original flavor. The number of visitors who visit the restaurant stands testimony to this exotic originality. In fact it's the Best chettinad hotel in Pondicherry of choice for clients visiting or staying in Pondicherry. The exclusive and seductive spices, fresh meat all skillfully blended in a hygienic atmosphere keeping in mind the health of our loyal customers by a team of proficient and dedicated chefs make Best chettinad hotel in Pondicherry distinctive. 

The commitment of Best chettinad hotel in Pondicherry is to service, quality & value makes us stand out from the crowd, helping us carve new mile stones in catering industry. Best chettinad hotel in Pondicherry constantly strives to deliver the food that suits the tastes of our customers & hence delighting them.  With special emphasis on flavor, freshness & hygiene we are there to help you to make journey happy & satisfying by arranging quality meals on time during travel.

Best chettinad hotel in Pondicherry hope you like the flavors and taste that we have chosen for you. When it comes to good taste and flavor Best chettinad hotel in Pondicherry come to think of mummy's cooking, that is why we serve home- style cuisines so if you love your mummy's cooking, but she is too far away for you to have it - come to Best chettinad hotel in Pondicherry! We want to serve quality food at affordable prices - everyone has the right to good food and good service. 

Best Briyani Pondicherry

Relish the Rich Taste & Delicious Briyani !!

Best Briyani in Pondicherry is now one of the most sought after eateries in the city. Best Briyani in Pondicherry has earned the favor of the mass for whom taste and hygiene are prime criteria to visit a restaurant. The restaurant is being run by people for whom hospitality is passion and for whom eating only special food with a special taste is a way of life. And the place where the restaurant is located offers easy access from every corner of the City enabling the customers to visit the place without hassle.

Best Briyani in Pondicherry, had sheer hard work and an uncompromising attitude towards quality and service, the brand has been built to become one of the most popular briyani restaurants. Right from the beginning, Best Briyani in Pondicherry always emphasized on taste and ensured that the Briyani made at his center was both delicious and unique. This was achieved and still is, by meticulous selection of ingredients prepared from quality masala products and the Briyani was prepared using superior quality rice. 

The unswerving nature and mouthwatering taste of Best Briyani in Pondicherry can be attributed to the fact that all the ingredients were prepared by Best Briyani in Pondicherry, taste are of high quality and prime importance, and because of this our brand of Briyani and other food products have attained popularity. Best Briyani in Pondicherry has a very good experience in this business field with good taste, preparation and experience in this recipes. Best Briyani in Pondicherry is also very capable of managing and inspiring the customers.