Chettinad Restaurants Puducherry

Chettinad cuisine with a seamless blend of taste and tradition!!

Chettinad Restaurants in Puducherry means traditional and true to its name, the recepies have been passed and tried down from generation to generation and it has been used and changed to suit the present generation, keeping mind to maintain the traditional methods fused with the latest technology to give a very tasty traditional food which is more like Chettinad Restaurants in Puducherry. Chettinad Restaurants in Puducherry have carved a niche for ourselves in this competitive food industry by offering simple but yet delicious food keeping mind the quality and quantity and hygiene. Chettinad Restaurants in Puducherry do not use any artificial flavors or mono-sodium glutamate. 

Our masala's are freshly grounded. Chettinad Restaurants in Puducherry  try to preserve and enhance the original flavour of the spices, hence Chettinad Restaurants in Puducherry  are able to give quality food to satisfy the taste of our clients to utmost satisfaction. Food is an essential element of our culture, and our specially crafted menu unites the finesse of the present with the tradition of the past. The menu echoes the richness of Chettinad culture, and Chettinad Restaurants in Puducherry provide a unique meal experience in every culinary delight. 


‘Virunthombal’ is a treasured Tamil principle, which means to treat guests with benevolence and hospitality. At Chettinad Restaurants in Puducherry, this is one of our core values and we believe that our guests are our customers. This inspires us every day as we endeavour to provide the best quality food and customer satisfaction. Chettinad Restaurants in Puducherry presents a gentle and elegant ambience as you indulge in great conversations perfectly accompanied with our delightful food.

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